Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

The Main Branch Hours are:

Tuesday through Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday: 10am-3pm
Closed Sundays and Mondays

Lyon Township Branch Library Hours:

Tuesday through Friday: 10am-3pm

Can I use a computer?

Anyone can use a computer at the library. There is no charge and no password.

How do I get a library card?

Please visit either RADL location to fill out a library card application. You’ll need to show a current ID with your name, photo and address. We will only grant cards to residents of Roscommon County and people with kids or businesses in the Roscommon School District. 

Do you do any fun programs or events?
We do! Quite a few actually. Some examples include story times, Battle of the Books, author visits, concerts, and we have a huge Summer Reading Program with events every day!

Do you offer printing/fax services?
Printing is available at $0.10 per page, $0.20 for color copies. Faxing and scanning is free.

Most Roscommon Area District Library items may be renewed a maximum of 2 times.
Telephone renewal is available at 989-281-1305.
No renewals are allowed on items that are on reserve for another patrons.
Items on loan from MelCat and Superiorland cannot be renewed.

What if you don’t have something that I want?

Thanks to the Michigan Electronic Library Catalog or MelCat, we are able to bring books to Roscommon from any library in Michigan at no extra cost to you.

Do you have wireless internet at RADL?

Yes. There is no password.

Do you take donations?

If you have donations we will look through them, see if there’s anything we want, and anything we don’t want will either go in our free book bin or be given to the Friends of the Library to be sold at a later date. We don’t accept VHS tapes, cassette tapes, LPs, textbooks, Harlequin Romance novels, used crossword or word search books, instruction manuals, Guideposts, or Readers Digests.

Do you sell books?

The Friends of the Roscommon Area District Library has an annual book sale and some books are also sold in the back of the library next to the Michigan room. They are sold for $0.25 for paperbacks, $0.50 for hardcovers, or $5.00 for a bag of books. Snacks and DVDs are also sold at these annual sales.

Do you have rooms available for studying or meetings?

We have two private rooms available for your use. They do get a lot of use so please schedule ahead of time by calling us at 989-281-1305. 

Are you connected to the Roscommon Schools?

The Gerrish-Higgins Public Library used to be connected to the schools, but that library was dissolved in 2010 and the Roscommon Area District Library was created. We are our own separate entity with our own snow days, governing body, and operating hours.

Who can use my library card?

You are the only one able to use your library card meaning that you cannot use a friend or a family member’s card.

How do I search for books?

We do not have a card catalog anymore. We now use an online catalog which is located at this link.

Can I print from my phone?

Unfortunately, no. However, you can email it to yourself and print it off from one of our computers.

Library fines, explained:

If a book becomes overdue, your account will begin to accrue a fee of $0.05 per day. A courtesy phone call and/or two (2) overdue notices will be sent when materials are two (2) weeks overdue. E-mail may be used. Accrued fines will be added to the replacement charge in the event the patron fails to return the borrowed material. The library will deem the materials lost forever after two (2) months’ time and at this time the accrued maximum fines and the replacement costs will be charged to those patrons’ records. After two months of library delinquency, your account will be handed to a collection agency. The RADL patron will be denied further RADL library borrowing privileges and computer use privileges after accumulating $5.00 in unpaid charges.

How do I return my library items?
You can either bring them to the library and put them in our drop box outside or drop them at our indoor drop box.